Should America Be the World’s Policeman?

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Should America Be the World’s Policeman? by Mind Map: Should America Be the World’s Policeman?

1. Cold War

1.1. Bipolar World

1.1.1. USA Capitalist World

1.1.2. Soviet Union Communist world

1.1.3. Since 1949 USA and USSR are rivals military superpower

1.1.4. They try to make others country join their cause Warsaw Pact OTAN

1.1.5. military influence is justified both must defend their allies

1.1.6. weaken the enemy many wars Vietnam (1964-73) Golf war(90-91) Irak war (2003-11) Afghanistan war (2001)

2. Multi-polar World

2.1. After the end of the Cold War

2.1.1. Cultural and military power brasil China India USA Japan Europe Russia

3. World policeman now? Why?

3.1. America is still a superpower

3.1.1. political superpower first economic and financial power ONU co-founder

3.1.2. Cultural and military power first arsenal of atomic weapon Hollywood, technology, food...

3.2. USA has no mortal enemies

3.2.1. intervene only when it's necessary

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