Crypto Currency Beginner's Roadmap

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Crypto Currency Beginner's Roadmap by Mind Map: Crypto Currency Beginner's Roadmap

1. Step 1


1.1.1. OPTIONAL: Use a Separate Bank Account! Refer a Friend | Capital One Why: Use this account EXCLUSIVELY for the money you want to buy your bitcoins with. You make your cash deposits into this bank account and only attach this account to Coinbase. This isolates all of your other bank accounts from any sort of hack of coinbase or any other crypto currency you might be invested with. Is this required?

1.1.2. USE SECURE PASSWORDS! Randomly Make them Up Use Mix of Upper & Lower Case and Special Characters At least 15 Digits

1.1.3. USE a PAID PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS Google G-Suite at $5.00 per month Here's a 20% Off Code for your first year! Why? Because FREE Accounts SELL your email to third parties and are not secure enough! If you use a free gmail/yahoo/aol/hotmail/apple account, then YOU ARE THE PRODUCT and they sell YOU to the Advertisers. A paid account stops that and is worth the extra security! NEVER USE YOUR WORK EMAIL FROM YOUR EMPLOYER!!!

1.1.4. ALWAYS USE 2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION Google Authenticator Use this whenever you can. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T LOSE YOUR PHONE! Why? Because this requires you to KNOW something AND to HAVE something.

2. Step 2

2.1. SignUp for Coinbase

2.1.1. Coinbase - Buy/Sell Digital Currency

2.1.2. Why? This allows you to BUY & SELL Bitcoin It's a crypto currency bank

2.2. Get a Gemini Account

2.2.1. Why? This ALSO allows you to BUY & Sell Bitcoin


2.3.1. Because there are purchasing LIMITS

3. Step 3

3.1. BUY BITCOIN From Coinbase

3.1.1. Buy your bitcoin from Coinbase

3.1.2. Buy with Credit Card Advantage: IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY Disadvantage 4% fee (But worth it! because it's immediately available)

3.1.3. Buy with Bank Account Advantage: No 4% fee Disadvantage: TAKES ABOUT 2 WEEKS TO GET YOUR BITCOINS!! (that's probably too long and likely will cost more than the 4% credit card fee - plus it's not fun to wait!)

3.1.4. Increase Your Limits DO upload your ID for increased security and higher buying limits.

3.2. Buy BITCOIN from Gemini

4. Step 4


4.1.1. Sign up for Bitconnect

4.2. Make Your First Loan

4.2.1. The higher the loan, the faster you get your money back "capital release" and the higher the payouts. $10K is the break point, but any amount is good to test.

4.2.2. See "My First $10K Bitconnect Loan" video Coming Soon!

4.2.3. As of January 2018, Texas and other jurisdictions have been attacking Bitconnect. It's extremely high risk and it's been shut down for a week! Probably shouldn't do this!!!!


5.1. NOTHING I SAY is professional Investment Advice - EVER. ALWAYS USE YOUR OWN JUDGMENT. CRYPTO CURRENCY IS VERY RISKY. The rewards might be great, but you also might lose everything! Be careful! I am an AMATEUR. Nothing here is legal advice or advice of any kind about anything, even if it seems that it is. ONLY EVER INVEST FUNDS THAT YOU'RE WILLING TO LOSE ENTIRELY. You MAY NOT RELY on any information I provide and THERE IS NO WARRANTY, THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY, THERE IS NO EXPRESSED WARRANTY. You absolutely might lose all your crypto currency investment, entirely, at any time, for more reasons that I can even count. That being said, best of luck to you in your cryptographic endeavors!

5.1.1. When you sign up using the links on these pages, I make a referral fee that helps support me and my channels. Thank you for using the links when you sign up. That encourages me to keep putting out new and more content.

5.2. Your use of any of my channels or information is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

6. Step 5

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