The Process

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The Process by Mind Map: The Process

1. Initial Negative Event Occurs

1.1. An event occurs, such as a loved one dying, a relationship ending, etc., that creates the initial negative attitude

1.1.1. Alex, our 17 year old fictional character, just realized his mother has passed away.

1.1.2. This obviously makes him very upset, and now doesn't know how to deal with his feelings.

2. State of Mind Steadily Declines

2.1. After a terrible incident occurs, one of two things happens. One learns to cope with the tragedy, or one regresses into negativity. We will focus on the latter.

2.1.1. Alex still has a negative mindset after his mother passed.

2.1.2. He is now starting to lash out by becoming increasing irritable and becoming more apathetic about his education.

3. The Climax

3.1. At the very precipice of this process, the victim of the process eventually "blows up" because they are finally fed up.

3.1.1. Our fictional character has finally had enough and may do something drastic to himself or to others.

4. Gain Attention From Loved Ones

4.1. This fourth step of the process becomes optional depending on those who you surround yourself with.

4.2. Hopefully, people who care for you will come to your aid after the climax. Sometimes, people aren't so lucky. We will focus on the more hopeful situation.

4.2.1. After Alex has either harmed himself or harmed others in any major way, the people that care for him step in and make it apparent that they are there for him, that they are there to help.

5. Seek Help

5.1. In the end, the best way for someone to beat this process is to seek professional help voluntarily.

5.1.1. Alex has realized that he needs the help of people in this profession. He makes an appointment with a therapist and talks through how this all started and how it progressed.

6. The End of the Process

6.1. If all goes well, the victim of this process beats the battle of depression and potential suicide. They come away with a winning attitude and persist on through life.

6.1.1. Through the amount of therapy sessions needed, Alex is more positive than he has been in a long time, and he is now better able to cope with his tragedy. Alex has beaten this battle.