Access Arizona College Club

A solution to address the higher education challenge of equal access for all students in Arizona

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Access Arizona College Club by Mind Map: Access Arizona College Club

1. 1. Arizona's education challenge = Too Much Scattered Information!!!

1.1. Barriers for Students and Parents to postsecondary education

1.1.1. High School Guidance Departments Disconnected

1.1.2. Understanding college planning process Admission application

1.1.3. Financial resources Financial aid application FAFSA

1.1.4. Academic Preparedness Entrance Exam Preparation ACT SAT

1.1.5. College selection Community College?? State University?? Private College?

1.1.6. Locating and accessing information on Colleges Websites Publications Word of mouth

2. 2. Available Information

2.1. Popular Resource Websites = Comprehensive list of links covering all facets of college planning to be compiled

2.2. Organizations providing similar resource components

2.2.1. NACAC

2.2.2. Offtocollege

2.2.3. Collegeatlas

2.2.4. Knowhow2go

2.2.5. Collegeweeklive

2.2.6. Schoolsoup

3. 3. Bringing it ALL together

3.1. Create AACC Website.

3.1.1. Inclusion of all relevant, quality websites available

3.1.2. Comprehensive list of categories with associated links that will answer ALL students questions about the steps to college

3.1.3. Develop fun, interactive elements that guide students through college planning process

3.2. Links to ALL 3 state universities and 21 community colleges

3.2.1. Outreach for all schools to create a special link from our site and include an interactive element ( to explore their school) to engage the student.

3.3. Outreach to EVERY Middle and High schools in Arizona for inclusion on their school home webpages!! Over 1,500 schools!!

3.3.1. Outreach to school Principles and guidance office staff

4. 4. Get Ready! Get Excited!! Let's GO!!!!

4.1. Getting Involved

4.2. Residential Living

4.3. Recreation

4.4. Study Abroad

4.5. Career Development