Capturing Your Vape Customers

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Capturing Your Vape Customers by Mind Map: Capturing Your Vape Customers

1. Automated Capture

1.1. Bar and Club App

1.1.1. Scans Id = reads bar code - saves info

1.2. POS Capture - Zapier or other systems

2. SMS

2.1. How do you get people to sign up (what to give away)

2.1.1. Text xxx to get yyy (counter card)

2.1.2. Attractive giveaways

2.1.3. Digital Fishbowl/Raffle

2.2. Drive Return Sales Through Text-Message Marketing With Chad Manning of Cendyt

2.2.1. Cendit (also includes email) group text vape store friendly

2.2.2. Getting the frequency right

3. Getting Customer Email Addresses/Text Sign Ups

3.1. Reward Contests

3.1.1. Winner pays $1

3.2. Lead Magnet

3.2.1. Types of Lead Magnets Monthly Drawing Coupon Video Ebook Newsletter

3.2.2. Places to Offer Opt In Website In store (as part of the monthly drawing) Social Media You Tube Videos

4. Homework

4.1. Loyalty/SMS counter card

4.2. Opt in Form Review


5. Loyalty Programs

5.1. How do you get people in

5.2. Give extra punches...

5.3. What is an attractive loyalty program

5.4. Examples - Regal Movie Membership

5.4.1. Rewarding frequency vs purchases

5.5. Loyalty software

5.5.1. Tap Mango

5.5.2. App Card

5.5.3. 5 Stars