The market of lemons: internet purchases

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The market of lemons: internet purchases by Mind Map: The market of lemons: internet purchases

1. Asymmetric information and trust

1.1. Signals of trustworthiness

1.1.1. Brand The roles of brand community and community engagement in building brand trust on social media DEEL 2.7

1.1.2. Privacy policy

1.1.3. Unconditional money-back guarantee

2. Contextual factors

2.1. Product category

2.2. Delivery time

2.3. Discount


4. How the internet and information systems solve the lemon problem

4.1. Early feedback mechanisms

4.2. New feedback mechanisms

4.2.1. Centralized or third-part mechanisms

4.2.2. Peer-to-peer mechanisms

4.3. file:///Users/aycovienne/Downloads/SSRN-id2610255.pdf

4.3.1. How the Internet, the sharing economy, and reputational feedback mechanisms solve the "lemons problem"


6. George A. Akerlof