Amanda Galligo

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Amanda Galligo by Mind Map: Amanda Galligo

1. If you had goals did you stick with them?

1.1. My goals that I did have I stuck with but a few I didn't.

2. When you were in high school, what was your favorite thing to do?

2.1. My favorite thing in high school was swimming of course and just hanging with my friends.

3. Did you do any sports?

3.1. Yes, I was in swimming for almost all my years at calumet.

4. Did you have a lot of goals during your high school years?

4.1. Well I did not have alot of goals in high school, all i wanted was to get out of high school and start my career.

5. Did or have you gone to college?

5.1. Well I went to college on line for CSI but i had to stop because my littlest boy got really sick and i wanted to be by his side.

6. What year did you graduate?

6.1. The year I graduated was in 2007.

7. Do you have any advice you would like to give high school students today?

7.1. Basically, all I have to say is stay in school and if you have any goal stick with them and do not let anybody change your way or how you are.