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Arts and Crafts Movement by Mind Map: Arts and Crafts Movement
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Arts and Crafts Movement

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

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Design principles&Social principles

Arts and Crafts objects were simple in form,

The Arts and Crafts philosophy was influenced by Ruskin's social criticism


British Isles

North America



Applied arts and crafts

Publications and schools

Influences on later design

the Arts and Crafts style's simplicity inspired designers


The Lodge - East Suffolk Park, Midlothian - 1914

Red House - Bexleyheath, Kent - 1859

Blackwell - Lake District, England - 1898

Derwent House - Chislehurst, Kent - 1899

Spade House - Sandgate, Kent - 1900

Shaw's Corner - Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire - 1902

Pierre P. Ferry House - Seattle, Washington - 1903-1906

Marston House - San Diego, California - 1905

Robert R. Blacker House - Pasadena, California - 1907

Gamble House - Pasadena, California - 1908

Oregon Public Library - Oregon, Illinois - 1909