Marketing strategy for internet projects

This map can be used as a template to create a marketing strategy for any project including a web project and a mobile project (web or mobile app). Contains all key channels, marketing communications, analytics and a key platform for attracting and retaining audience.

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Marketing strategy for internet projects by Mind Map: Marketing strategy for internet projects

1. Analytics

1.1. Research

1.1.1. Syndicadet studies TNS Genius Euromonitor etc.

1.1.2. Tracking research Funnel of KPIs WEB Apps Cross-platforms Special events Call tracking Brand Indicators NPS Brand awareness

1.1.3. Ad-hoc Qualitative Quantitative Desk Usability Clients base

1.2. Back-office

1.2.1. Database segmentation Binary RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary)

1.2.2. Cohort LTV Churn Rate

1.3. Monitoring

1.3.1. Refference of Media

1.3.2. Competitors (if you have sources)

1.3.3. Social Media Monitoring JagaJam IQbuzz Hootsuite Falcon Youscan Kribrum etc.

1.3.4. Clients satisfaction

1.3.5. (Online Video) OLV Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) Weborama DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)

2. Target Audience

2.1. Geo

2.2. Life Style

2.3. Motivation

2.3.1. Internal

2.3.2. External

2.4. Soc. Dem.

2.4.1. Gender

2.4.2. Age

2.4.3. Education

2.4.4. Income

2.4.5. Famaly

2.4.6. etc.

3. Brand platform

3.1. Brand Policy

3.1.1. Information strategy (incl. PR)

3.1.2. Communication Strategy Creative Media Strategy Digital Strategy

3.1.3. Distribution Strategy

3.2. Brand Position

3.2.1. Functional

3.2.2. Emotional

3.3. Brand Philosophy

3.3.1. Brand Mission

3.3.2. Value Proposition

4. Product Strategy

4.1. Persona Map

4.1.1. Customer Journey Map

4.2. Prototype & UI Design

4.2.1. Mobile Apps iOS Android Windows

4.2.2. WEB

4.2.3. Smart TV Android WebOS etc.

4.2.4. TV box Apple TV Android

4.3. Testing

4.3.1. A/B

4.3.2. Multi

4.4. ASO (App Store Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

4.5. 3d party trust services

4.6. QA

5. Digital channels

5.1. Acquisition

5.1.1. Meta-search Goods price comparison (PC) Yandex.Market Google Shopping / Товары@Mail.Ru etc. Other Job Travel

5.1.2. SEM (context adv.) Google Adwords Yandex Direct

5.1.3. Targeting advertising (incl. Display / Banners / Teasers) Google Display Network (GDN) Yandex Advertising Network (РСЯ) Facebook network + Instagram Mail.Group (MyTarget / Microsoft Advertising Exchange RTB (real time bidding) platforms Auditorius Segmento AdFox DoubleClick OpenX AppNexus Criteo Rubicon AdRiver etc. Other Programatic Rambler Teasers network

5.1.4. Affiliate network Paid per Action (PPA / PPO) Admitad ActionPay Cityads Flocktory Exchange etc. Pay per Install (PPI) Mobio Zorka AppNess Mail.Group MyTarget CPI etc.

5.1.5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Google Yandex Bing

5.1.6. Apps Store Optimisation (ASO) Apple Appstore Google Play

5.1.7. OLV (Online Video) Youtube Facebook + Instagram Yandex Mail.Group OK VK Gazprom Media (GPMD) Rutube etc. ViHUB Segmento Youku etc.

5.1.8. Audio (web radio) VK Yandex Spotify Zvooq Deezer etc.

5.2. Retention

5.2.1. Retargeting / Remarketing Criteo RTB-House Sociomantic + all Display channels

5.2.2. Customer Relationship Managment E-mailing Trigger e-mails Advertising / Special offers SMS Notifications Advertising / Special offers App Push notification Notifications Advertising / Special offers Web Push notification Notifications Advertising / Special offers Calls IVR Call center Community WEB (forum) 3d party fan sites Chats / Messegers Online consultant (chat) Chat-bot

5.2.3. Cashback systems (depends on country) Letyshops Kopikot etc.

5.2.4. Publics groups in Social networks (depends on country) facebook VK Twitter OK Youtube Instagram Viber Telegram Vimeo Snapchat MirTesen (General Russia) (General Russia) WeChat (General China) QQ (General China) Line (General Thailand)

6. Marketing communication

6.1. PR

6.1.1. Online (web)

6.1.2. Offline Print TV Radio Bloggers Instagram Youtube public Telegram channels etc.

6.2. Out of home (OOH)

6.2.1. Billboards

6.2.2. Video screen

6.2.3. City formats

6.2.4. Public space

6.2.5. etc.

6.3. Search Engine Reputation Marketing (SERM)

6.4. Indoor

6.4.1. Malls Escalators Elevators Special placement Video screens Radio on mall Facades Wi-Fi points etc.

6.4.2. Residential houses Elevators Bulletin board

6.4.3. HORECA

6.4.4. Universities and Colleges

6.5. Transit

6.5.1. Outside and Inside Metro Bus etc.

6.5.2. Waiting areas

6.5.3. Wi-Fi points

6.6. Media

6.6.1. TV

6.6.2. Newspapers and Magazines

6.6.3. Radio

6.6.4. Cinemas

6.7. Events

6.7.1. Clients events Russia Open Studio DI Telegraph

6.7.2. Industry exhibition

6.7.3. Interest clubs

6.7.4. Conference

6.7.5. Festivals Russia VK fest Picnic Afisha Faces&Laces Нашествие Дикая Мята Усадьба JAZZ Sensation etc.

6.7.6. etc.

6.8. Direct mail

6.8.1. National post serveces

7. Marketing tools

7.1. XML feed generator

7.1.1. ChannelPilot

7.2. Campaign builder

7.2.1. SEM (context adv.) K50 Marilyn Origami Alytics Garpun Delta Method eLama

7.2.2. Targeting advertising (incl. Display / Banners) facebook & instagram AiTarget (for Russia & CIS) Smartly (for Europe) eLama Other Plarin Hi Conversion Atuko Iskander

7.3. DMP (Data Management Platform) / CDP (Customer Data Platform)

7.3.1. Type of data First-party data Second-party data Third-party data

7.3.2. Services Aidata Clever Data Weborama Flocktory Exponea MindBox

7.4. Bidding system

7.4.1. Adobe AdLens

7.4.2. Kenshoo

7.4.3. K50

7.4.4. Marilyn

7.4.5. Origami

7.4.6. Garpun

7.5. Affiliate (CPA /CPI) platform

7.5.1. CPI Zorka AppNess Mobio etc.

7.5.2. CPA Admitad ActionPay CityAds Gdeslon LeadGid Flocktory Exchange

7.6. SEO

7.6.1. Semantic collection RushAnalytics Key Collector Wordstat.Yandex Букварикс

7.6.2. Verification of positions in search results Serpstat SE Ranking TopVisor SERPParser (desktop) etc.

7.6.3. Purchase link base

7.6.4. Check uniqueness & quality of texts Advego eTXT etc.

7.6.5. Check indexing web site RushAnalytics

7.7. Anti-Fraud

7.7.1. AdSpire

7.7.2. TrackAd

7.8. Personal recommendation

7.8.1. Flocktory

7.8.2. Insider

7.8.3. Dynamic Yield

7.8.4. Retail Rocket

7.8.5. Exponea

7.8.6. MindBox