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though people in the south built cities of stone in the desert mountains

costumes for ceremonies,burials,etc.


the most common-flowing hair/braids

buns/topknots -

the americans smeared red ochre

not meant in an insulting way

religious shaman

wigwam - known as birchbark houses framed are coverd with woven mats and sheets of birchbark

whorship gods


they followed buffalo

dogs hauled the travois

when tamed wild horses the travois were pulled by mustangs

they fought for other land


traveled from asia to alaska on a bridge

streched 4500km from the atlantic to the pacific

by 1491 there were 15 million living in what today we u.s.a.

north amercians built homes in woods hunted and farmed




they dug ditches

why called redskins

christopher columbus discoverd the carribean island in 1492 he thought he was in the indies so he called people indians

500 years before that, the viking Leif ericson founded a colony in the north but it only lasted for 3 years




chongo - hair tied behind head in a kind of twist

sqaush blossom/butterfly whorls - only unmarried women wore this

mens hairstyles

most common flowing hair, long braids or shaved heads

hair held great symbolic importance, cut hair to show grief or shame

pompadours - hair jeld up with grease or clay, scalplock - shaved head with ponytail

roach - mohawk, hair rolls - resembling modern dreadlocks

hunters and gatheres

travois used for carrying goods children and sick adults