Fall Prevention

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Fall Prevention by Mind Map: Fall Prevention

1. Are we ready for change? (Assess)

1.1. Culture of Safety

1.2. current attention to falls by the organization

1.3. develop leadership support for the program or programs r/t fall prevention

1.4. ID resources that we have available and what we may need.

1.5. assess progress on completing readiness for the change activities.

2. How will we manage change? (Diagnosis)

2.1. Implementation Team

2.2. Assess current status of fall prevention activities

2.3. Staff Knowledge about preventing falls

2.4. Set Goals based on outcomes and processes

2.5. Assess progress

3. ID what is needed to sustain fall prevention efforts? (Evaluate)

4. Which fall prevention practices will we use? (Outcome identification)

4.1. ID prevention processes and how they connect

4.2. Universal fall precautions

4.3. ID risk factors for falls

4.3.1. Use these for implementing fall prevention care planning

4.4. Assess patients post fall

4.5. Assess progress of these practices

5. How will we implement the new practices? (Plan)

5.1. Assign staff

5.1.1. roles

5.1.2. responsibilities

5.2. Access education of staff

5.2.1. facilitate integration of new knowledge with old

5.3. Assess progress of implementation

6. How will we measure fall rates and prevention practices? (Implement)

6.1. Collect data

6.1.1. number of falls

6.1.2. injuries r/t falls

6.1.3. causes of falls

6.2. Measure practices

6.3. Assess progress