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Ecology by Mind Map: Ecology
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Water Pollution

When something is goes into water that originally wasn't there.

Point Source Pollution

A type of water pollution with a definite source.

Non-Point Source Pollution

A type of water pollution that has no definite source.


A source of freshwater that is underground and is filtered by rocks.

Food Webs

A series of organisms that are related by predator-prey and producer-consumer.


Any form of life.


A group of individuals of the same species found in a given area or located in the same area at a given time.


Populations of living organisms that interact with one another in an ecosystem.


A group of living organisms that interact with one another and the non-living physical environment as one unit.


Geographic region of Earth inhabited by a community of distinct types of plants and animals.


Layer of soil, water, and air that sustains life.

Food Chain

A series of organisms interrelated by their feeding habits.

Primary Consumer

An animal that eats plants (herbivore.)

Secondary Consumer

A carnivore that only feeds on herbivores.

Tertiary Consumer

A carnivore that is at the top of the food chain and feeds on other carnivores.

Trophic Levels

Any class of organisms that occupy the same level of the food chain.



Temperate Deciduous Forest

Coniferous Forest




Freshwater Biome

Marine Biome


Diversity among and within plant and animal species in an environment.

Hot Spots

An area that is very biodiverse.

Ecological Succession

The process in which communities change over time.

Primary Succession

It occurs in places where an ecosystem has never existed. It is basically just barren rock.

Secondary Succession

It occurs where an ecosystem has been disturbed or destroyed.

Pioneer Species

These are the first species that move into an ecosystem after a type of succession

Climax Community

This community is in equilibrium with little to no change in the following years.

Population Growth

The increase or decrease of a population.

Limiting Factors

An environmental factor that can limit population size.

Carrying Capacity

The number of individuals of a species that an ecosystem can support.

Black Plague

This plague caused a huge decrease in the human population in the 1400s.

Industrial Revolution

This started the huge increase in human population in the 1800s.

Exponential Growth

Exponential growth is the growth or increase in something where the rate becomes more rapid and proportioned to the growing total number or size.


The ability for something to last.

Logistic Growth

The population will grow, but will eventually level off.


This curve goes with exponential growth


This goes with logistic growth.

Population Growth Rate

How fast a population grows.

Biotic and Abiotic Factors


The non-living parts of an ecosystem