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Stallion by Mind Map: Stallion

1. Movement

1.1. Follow our blog to never miss an important update, downtime warning or tutorial!

2. Progress

2.1. Download our native mobile apps for iOS and Android to mind map on the go!

3. Freedom without restraint

3.1. With our short tutorial videos you can get to know MindMeister's most important features in a matter of minutes

4. Strength

4.1. Visit the MindMeister Academy to learn all the tricks and become a great mapper in no time!

4.2. Herd animals (Social)

5. Perceptive (Can read body language)

5.1. To view the most important shortcuts, click on the question mark in the bottom right corner of your map editor, then click "Key Shortcuts"

6. Speed

6.1. Add a sibling idea by hitting ENTER

6.2. This is a sibling idea

6.3. Add a child idea by hitting TAB

6.3.1. This is a child idea

6.4. Choose icons and images to decorate your mind map

6.5. Connect topics with the arrow tool in the upper left corner of your screen

6.6. Add links, tasks or files to your topics, using the widgets in the sidebar

6.7. Change your map layout by opening the layout options in the upper left corner of your screen

7. By the way, this is a floating topic. To create a floating topic, simply drag it away from the map center.

8. Drive

9. Foresight

10. Herd animals (Social)