The Environment

Environment Map

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The Environment by Mind Map: The Environment

1. Political

1.1. Unknown impact of Brexit

1.1.1. increasing uncertainty

1.1.2. Increasing extremism/ less tolerance

1.1.3. Increasing negative economic impact

1.1.4. Increasing political preoccupation to the detriment of all else

1.2. Concerns about terrorism

1.3. Increasing emphasis on devolution/localism

1.3.1. Increasing need for good relationships with LA

1.3.2. Increasingly joining up working between LA for regional economies of scale

1.4. Potential for a change in government

2. Economic

2.1. Education funding stretched

2.2. SCC funding cuts

2.2.1. Increasing competition for resources internally

2.3. Competition on Grant Funding

2.3.1. Project focus increased as funders have to show 'value' of their input

2.4. Review of what we can trade vs what we voluntarily fund

2.5. Social Investment

2.5.1. Increasing opportunities for risk sharing

2.6. ROI across voluntary income sources

2.6.1. Increasing need for dual impact - outcomes plus VFM

2.7. Development in more collaborative grants delivering support alongside financial input

2.8. Decreased appetite for risk across industry

2.9. Increasing pressures on adult social care

2.9.1. Reducing funding for younger people

3. Social

3.1. Increased awareness and engagement in Mental Health and Wellbeing

3.2. birth rate "spike"

3.3. Observed increased growth in diagnosed mental health disorders for yp across Surrey

3.4. Decline in public trust of charities (2016)

3.4.1. requirements to be transparent about effectiveness and impact

3.5. Yp spending more time on social media vs family life

3.6. Measure Social Return on Investment - will this be measure public understand?

3.7. Growth of gangs moving out of London and into area

3.8. Decline in YP's empathy and increase in narcissism

3.9. Is our delivery closely linked to location of Multiple Index of Deprivation across area. Should we be?

3.10. widespread dissatisfaction despite 4th richest economy

3.11. Consumerism and increasingly lost purpose and less focus on what really matters

3.12. Society hungry for a big idea? Cultural change

3.13. Increased family discord & dysfunction

3.14. Increasingly ageing population

4. Technology

4.1. Digital reach increasingly allows other players to deliver services nationally with low barrier to entry


4.2. Opportunities to deliver impact in new ways

4.2.1. skills to deliver

4.2.2. Opportunity for own app development

4.2.3. Shared apps with collaborations

4.3. Role of social media on young people

4.3.1. skills

4.3.2. Rates of obsolescelence

4.4. Opportunities to monitor output and measure impact without need for face to face

4.5. How can we utilise tech to be more effective across frintl

5. Regulatory

5.1. GDPR

5.1.1. Need for charity wide policy on collating, holding, distributing personal data

5.2. Charity regulation

5.2.1. Increased fundraising regulation e.g. Fundraising Preference Service

5.3. Changes in safeguarding regulations

5.4. Increased regulation and compliance

5.5. Disproportionate focus on governance following high profile failures

5.6. Increased "tickboxing" bureaucratic

5.6.1. Increasing cost and demotivation

6. Competition/Collaboration

6.1. National competitors expand into Surrey

6.1.1. National Autistic Society

6.1.2. Barnados

6.1.3. Family Nurturing Links

6.1.4. NCS

6.2. existing charities in Surrey expand in scope

6.2.1. YMCA

6.2.2. Step by Step

6.3. SCC and other statutory bodies

6.3.1. departments moving from funded to trading

6.3.2. competing for grants and foundations

6.4. What is our USP?

6.4.1. Increasing need to improve peoples perceive about what we do

6.5. Are there competitors if we want the same outcome for yp?

6.5.1. Example of Catch 22 using resources to build strength across charities with same aims

6.6. Broader competition - Cats Protection etc. What can we learn from how they deliver their 'story'?

6.7. Develop new networks/collaborations

6.8. Quality of competitors better or worse

6.9. Increasing Academisation & MATs

6.9.1. Increasing insourcing of services in schools

7. Environment

7.1. YP's motivation on environmental issues

7.2. Fewer open spaces where YP can meet

7.2.1. Opportunities to use spaces where young people gather