Operations Map (WIP)

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Operations Map (WIP) by Mind Map: Operations Map (WIP)

1. Operations

1.1. Production

1.1.1. Maintentence Equipment Repair Floor Cleaning Grounds Management Work Area Organization Bathrooms and Offices Customer Service Area Photo Studio Floor

1.1.2. Training Equipment Chemicals Tools Processes Damage Control Team Focused

1.1.3. Quality Floor Mats 25-Point Inspection Process Randomly Retail Customer Items Final Inspection Every Vehicle Quality Control Send-Backs

1.1.4. Workload Planning Resource Scheduling Employee Performance Nightly Workload Calculation

1.1.5. Detail Departments Prep Interior Exterior Carpet

1.1.6. Reconditioning Exterior Outsourced Internal Interior Outsourced Internal

1.1.7. Performance

1.2. Logistics

1.2.1. Dealership Pick-Up & Delivery Night Pick-Up & Delivery Drop Boxes at Dealers Utilization of Web Portal Day Pick-Up & Delivery Mix with Retail Driving Visit Dealer Managers on Night Driving Fuel Filling Service

1.2.2. Retail Pick-Up & Delivery Scheduling Drivers Spacing Appointments

1.2.3. Airport Pick-Up & Delivery Arranging Curbside Service

1.3. Software

1.3.1. ReconPro Estimates Vehicle Check-In Reconditioning Estimates Dealership Portal Dealer Submits Vehicles Monitor Vehicle Status View Invoices Warranty Status Service Requests

1.3.2. BlueFolder Contact Database Retail Appointment Schedule Online Portal Schedule Online

1.3.3. Process Flow Parking Lot Magnetic Toppers Work Orders Job Assignment Shop Layout Operations Process Map

1.3.4. Technology Printers Phones Copiers Cameras Survelience System

1.3.5. Google Docs Workload Planning Employee Schedule Employee Directory Dealer Account Directory Current Potential Chemical Inventory

1.3.6. Quickbooks Online

1.3.7. eFax

1.3.8. Google Calendar

1.3.9. DropBox

1.3.10. TimeClockOnline

1.3.11. GrassHopper Call Routing Hold Music Live Call Transfer Professional Greetings Call Forwarding Extensions Departments Dial by Name Directory Voicemail Transcribe to Text E-Mail or TXT Notifications View Online Share Conference Call

1.4. Remarketing

1.4.1. Internet Inventory Management AutoUplinkUSA Dealer Specialties vAuto

1.4.2. Promotional Items Window Stickers Buyers Guides License Plate Frames Dealer Stickers Year Stickers Dealer Tags

1.4.3. Photo Studio Vehicle Photography Consistent Enviroment Hi-Res Digital Images Vehicle Videos Walk-Around

1.4.4. DrivePur Dealer Accounts Retail Customers

2. Business Resources

2.1. H/R

2.1.1. Organizational Development Culture Lines of Authority Change Initiatives Facilities New Systems Org Chart Proposals

2.1.2. Job Descriptions Expectations Role Respnsibilities Supervisors Evaluations

2.1.3. Communication Instructions Feedback Discipline

2.1.4. Hiring Interview Candidates Review Candidates Resumes Applications Background Check Building All-Star Roster

2.1.5. Morale Employee Requests Monthly Cookouts

2.1.6. Initiation

2.1.7. Employee Handbook Policies Procedures Uniform

2.1.8. Employee Benefits

2.2. Accounting

2.2.1. A/R

2.2.2. A/P

2.2.3. Banks

2.2.4. Budget

2.2.5. Cash Flow

2.2.6. Invoicing

2.2.7. Payroll

2.2.8. Taxes

2.2.9. Inventory

2.2.10. Statements

2.2.11. Expense Recording

2.3. Finance

2.3.1. Leasing

2.3.2. Line of Credit

2.4. Purchasing

2.4.1. Tools

2.4.2. Chemicals

2.4.3. Supplies

2.4.4. Equipment

2.4.5. Inventory Management Online Ordering Tool Vending Chemical Supply Agreement

2.5. Business Development

2.5.1. GR Chamber of Commerce

2.5.2. Strategy

2.5.3. Planning

3. Sales

3.1. Airport Valet Service

3.2. Retail Customer Service

3.2.1. Follow-Up Process

3.2.2. Database Management

3.2.3. Virtual Phone System

3.2.4. Customer Satisfaction

3.2.5. Appointment Scheduling

3.2.6. Service Menu

3.3. Dealership Accounts

3.3.1. Sales Process

3.3.2. Account Management

3.3.3. Problem Tickets

3.3.4. Initial Setup

3.3.5. Value-Added Sales DrivePur Photography Reconditioning Night Logistics

3.3.6. Potential Dealer Database

3.4. Business Relationships

3.4.1. Tracking

3.4.2. Building

3.4.3. Fleet Business

3.4.4. Follow-Up

3.4.5. Establish Schedule

3.5. Storage

3.6. Marketing

3.6.1. Social Media Sites Facebook YouTube Blog Twitter Flickr LinkedIn Tracking Advertising

3.6.2. Website Online Appointment Scheduling Online Estimates

3.6.3. Local Pages Google Yahoo Bing YellowPages Yellowbook CitySearch Yelp

3.6.4. Print Brochures Postcards Flyers Sales Sheets

3.6.5. Direct Mail

3.6.6. E-Mail Newsletter iContact