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6th Achievements Unit by Mind Map: 6th Achievements Unit

1. C.1.1 Analyze how cultural expressions reflected the values of civilizations, societies and regions (e.g., oral traditions, art, dance, music, literature, and architecture).

1.1. EQ - What are ways the writing, architecture, infrastructure, science, arts and literature reflect the priorities and cultural values of various civilizations?

1.2. What did the Colosseum really reflect in Roman society?

1.3. How important was literature to the Indian people?

1.4. The continuation of Greek and Roman architecture that has lasted until modern times. (Columns, etc...)

2. H.1.3 Use primary and secondary sources to interpret various historical perspectives.

2.1. EQ - How do primary and secondary sources provide a historical perspective on civilizations’ need to implement innovation and technology?

2.2. Is there a possible bias when someone is writing something in ancient times? Consider the human element...

2.3. Consider how when people retell something, they tell it through their lens.

2.4. Consider how we really have to interpret history through the writer's eyes and corroborate evidence.

3. H.2.2 Compare historical and contemporary events and issues to understand continuity and change.

3.1. EQ - How have the achievements and advancements of past civilizations impacted the development and expansion of modern civilizations?

3.2. Modern day slavery vs. ancient slavery

3.3. Do walls help protect or alienate?

3.4. Rights of women today vs. then

4. H.2.3 Explain how innovation and/or technology transformed civilizations, societies and regions over time (e.g., agricultural technology, weaponry, transportation and communication).

4.1. EQ - How did the achievement of people in writing, architecture, infrastructure, science, arts and literature transform civilizations to meet their needs and wants?

4.2. Agricultural Technologies - chinampas, slash and burn, terrace farming, irrigation, etc...

4.3. Weaponry - ages of bronze, iron, etc...

4.4. Transportation - invention of wheel, chariot, boats, etc...

4.5. Communication - writing systems, stylus, Incan "Pony Express", hieroglyphics, glyphs, city-state communications, importance to monarchies as they spread

5. Key Terms - Achievement, Technology, Cultural Values, Transformation, Architecture, Infrastructure, Primary Source, Secondary Source