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Chapter 13 by Mind Map: Chapter 13

1. Knights: Warriors on Horseback, soldiers mounted on horseback became valuable in combat during the reign of Charlemagne’s Grandfather, Charles Martel, In the 700s.

1.1. The technology of warfare changes , Leather saddles and stirrups changed the way warfare was conducted in Europe during the 700s.

1.1.1. Knights played a Feudal role. Lords raised armies of knights. The ideal knight had to defend 3 things. 1)his feudal lord 2) his heavenly lord And 3) his chosen lady.

2. Charlemagne unites Germanic Kingdoms.

2.1. In the fifth century, Germanic invaders overran the western half of the Roman Empire.

2.1.1. Germans adopted Christianity , politics played a key role in spreading Christianity. By 600, the church, with the help of Frankish rulers, had converted many Germanic rulers. Pepin the short died in 768. He left a greatly strengthened Frankish kingdom to his two sons, Carloman and Charles. After carlomans death , Charles “Charlemagne” became Emperor.

2.2. In the years of upheaval between 400 and 600, small Germanic kingdoms replaced Roman Provinces.

2.2.1. After the Roman Empire dissolved, small kingdoms sprang up all over Europe, forming an Empire.

3. Invasions in Western Europe

3.1. From about 800 to 1000, invasions destroyed the Carolingian Empire. Muslim invaders from the south seized Sicily and raided Italy.

3.1.1. Manors: the economic side of feudalism, The manor was the lords estate. During the Middle Ages, the manor system was the basic economic arrangement.

3.2. A new social order: Feudalism, in 911, two former enemies faced each other in a peace ceremony. Feudalism structured society, social classes were well defined and the structure of feudal society was like a pyramid.

3.2.1. Feudalism was a political system in which nobles were granted the use of land that legally belonged to the king.

4. The age of Chilvary

5. The ideal knight

5.1. Defend the weak and the poor

5.1.1. Only a nobles son could be a knight Age 7- waited on hosts and learned how to fight. Age 14- servant to a knight

5.2. Loyal, brave and Courteous

5.2.1. Sent off to learn the learn the code from another lord. Age 21- Knighthood.

5.3. Loyal, brave and