Battle of Stalingrad

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Battle of Stalingrad by Mind Map: Battle of Stalingrad

1. What Happened?

1.1. Casualties

1.1.1. Nearly two million combined civilian and military casualties.

1.2. Results

1.2.1. During this battle Russian forces successfully fended off Germany from taking the city of Stalingrad. This battle was a turning point for the allies on the Eastern Front of the war.

2. Why

2.1. Hitler attempted to invade Southern Russia to gain ground on the Eastern front and to take the only city with Stalin's name to lower Russian morale.

3. When Was The Battle Fought?

3.1. The battle was fought from July 17, 1942-Feb. 2, 1943.

4. Where Was The Battle Fought?

4.1. The battle was fought in Stalingrad, which is in Southern Russia

5. How

5.1. Tactics

5.1.1. Russian forces encircled German ones to efficiently eliminate them. They also used the winter to their advantage because the German troops could not handle such low temperatures and could not retreat.

6. Who Fought?

6.1. The battle was fought between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. The Nazi forces were headed by General Friedrich Paulus, and the Russian ones by Marshal Georgii K. Zhukov