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Media by Mind Map: Media

1. New node

2. older generations

2.1. before technology

2.1.1. they would read the newspaper instead of having it on a computer

2.1.2. they would have to write letters or call friends if they wanted to see each other

2.1.3. they didn't spend time playing video games, they went outside to play

2.2. learning to use new devices

2.2.1. they need to keep up with the world of technology by having cell phones, learning to us a computer, and sending emails

3. Current generation

3.1. learning

3.1.1. today children learn how to read from playing video games.

3.1.2. they don't have to even pick up a book. books are on the internet and cd-roms

3.2. social life

3.2.1. they don't have to pick up a phone to make plans of stay in touch. just have to go online or text their friends

3.3. leaving old ways of life behind

3.3.1. they don't bother to socialize like the older generations do.

3.3.2. they don't pick up a book and read, but spend hours at a time online, talking on aim, playing games, and using facebook and myspace

4. future generations

4.1. new way of living day to day

4.1.1. they won't even have newspapers

4.1.2. everything is going to be technologically based