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Sports by Mind Map: Sports
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Soccer is the most popular games in the middle east or the european.  Soccer or footaball is a simple games that can be played by any two groups scoring a ball in a goal post. Follow the Url to see more info aboout Soccer

Team Work

Team work is needed in every games as it will create more chance for winning. Especially in soccer as the attacker must work together with the defender of the same team so that he can focused on scoring rather than worrying about losing'


Soccer training is very important as you do not know when you might get injuries so you must be in shape.   you also must ractise your skill as you can get lousy if you do not practice enough.  


Basket ball is one of my favourites sports and known as the world hardest game t obe perfectly played ( In my opinion ).

Rules and Regulation

This is just my personal thoughts but basketball is a really strict with rules. For example , there is this one rules " Technical Foul " that judge a basketball player attitude in a game. Of course you can use your own styles and techniques to score.   For more info about the rules , you can go into the url.  

Offical and Street

Basketball is better to play with your friends in a community club or anywhere there is a hoop to shoot the ball in. Street Basketball is very popular as it has lesser rules than the offical match set in a school or by a community.  Go in the  Url shown to see more about streetbasketball.

Players training

Physical training is important as the player must be strong and fit.  Their stamina must be high as basketball requires a lot of energy   Mental training is the most importnat as it helps control the morale of the basketball players in the actual match.  

Technique training

Technique training is also important as with better techniques and having a variety of ways to score points can help the team alot in the games/.