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Question for Exam by Mind Map: Question for Exam
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Question for Exam

English question

Just know all story of the Midsummer Night's Dream book.

World History

World War I

Which country start the world war one?

What was propaganda used?

How was propaganda used ?

what was the allies group?

What was the cause the war?

Russian Revolution

who led that?

What's legacy of stalin

what was legacy of lenin?

What was the casues of the revolution?

What was 5 years plan?

What were the red and white groups?

World War II

Which country start war?

what was the casues the war?

what was the group of centeral power?

Revolution of East Asia

what was the opinion of chine's leader

Why Japan had revolution

Why turkey had revolution>?

Why Mexico had revolution?

Cold War

What two super powers were the main opponents in the Cold War?

Why was there so much tension between the two super powers?

What country close to the United States nearly brought the world to nuclear war?

What were the two oppositional government types?

When did the Cold War end?

Who was the leader of the USSR when it fell?

Math question

Ms. Manning

Trigonometry, Cosine Law, a²=b²+c²-2bccosine A, b²=a²+c²-2accosine B, c²=a²+b²-2abcosine C, Sine Law, (Sin A/a) = (Sin B/b) = (Sin C/c)

Complex Equation



Quadratic Formula





All the muscles and what do they do for our body?

All the bones and what do they do for our body?

Types of the important tissues?

Shape of skin

parts of skin

all the bones on skeleton


Formula for speed.

Formula for acceleration.

what's meaning of speed, motion, distance, acceleration, time, etc.

Grapg of speed-time, acceleration-time, distance-time