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Sport by Mind Map: Sport

1. 7.Tennis

1.1. 7.1. Do we need a hard warm up before playing tennis?

1.2. 7.2. How do we get points in this sport?

1.3. 3. is this sport is really hard?

2. 6.Volleyball

2.1. 6.1. what are the different kinds of position in this sport?

2.2. 6.2. who is the famous volleyball player in the phillipines?

2.3. 6.3. Why we need a warm up before the game?

3. 8.Fishing

3.1. 8.1. what are the benifits that will get in fishing?

3.2. 8.2. How fishing relax us?

3.3. 8.3.Best Time to Fish?

4. 9.Hiking

4.1. 9.1.Are Men’s Hiking Boots Different from Women’s Hiking Boots?

4.2. 9.2.Two Pairs of Socks or One?

4.3. 9.3.Can you recommend cross trainers or other sneaker-type footwear in women’s narrow sizes?

5. 10.Wrestling

5.1. 10.1.Most annoying of the wrestler?

5.2. 10.2.why did daniel bryan quit wwe?

5.3. 10.3.whats daniel bryan favorite match?

6. 1.Basketball

6.1. 1.1. Who is the smallest player in NBA?

6.2. 1.2. Who is the tallest player in NBA?

6.3. 1.3. Why some plasyers get injured?

7. 2.Archey

7.1. 2.1. Why we need a clear eye sight in this sport?

7.2. 2.3. What are the equipment in this sport?

7.3. 2.2. How do players prepare in this sport?

8. 3.Boxing

8.1. 3.1. Who is the famous Boxing player in the world?

8.2. 3.2. Who is the famous Boxing player in the Philippines?

8.3. 3.3. Why this sport is very famous?

9. 4.Dancing

9.1. 4.1. What are the kinds of Dancing?

9.2. 4.2. What are the benifits of this sport that we will get?

9.3. 4.3. do you think that hiphop is the hardest kind of dancing?

10. 5.Chess

10.1. 5.1. Why their are two kinds of color in this sport?

10.2. 5.2. Who is the world champion when it comes to chess?

10.3. 5.3. What kinds of moves for King and Queen?