The Plausibility of Artificial Relationships

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The Plausibility of Artificial Relationships by Mind Map: The Plausibility of Artificial Relationships

1. AI & Emotions

1.1. OCC theory

1.1.1. PUMAGOTCHI (virtual pet) Structured to feel emotions Simulate Human Behaviour

1.1.2. Virtual pets Requiring human engagement

1.1.3. Satisfying Goals (Main Goal & Subgoals)

1.2. AC (Affective Computing)

1.2.1. "A decision making process" "Form an emerging behaviour"

2. Likelihood for a bond to form


2.2. A feeling of responsibility/ Need to maintain the relationship

2.2.1. seeing the robot as a human counterpart


3. Realism

3.1. physical features

3.1.1. IPEFiC form realism Form Realism is: (a) physical appearance (b) physically, the robot should replicate the organism it is mimicking (animal, human, etc.)

3.2. "social robots"

3.2.1. robots taking over tasks in the healthcare industry