Effective Leadership

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Effective Leadership by Mind Map: Effective Leadership

1. Traits

1.1. Self-confidence

1.1.1. Self-assured in your knowledge and ability to teach others

1.2. Honesty

1.2.1. Be true to your followers in order to facilitate trust

1.3. Compassion

1.3.1. Care for your followers by creating personal relationships

1.4. Optimistic

1.4.1. Have a positive attitude in every situation

1.5. Patience

1.5.1. Be tolerant and handle situations in a calm and understanding manner

2. Skills

2.1. Communication

2.1.1. Clearly and effectively provide followers with verbal guidance

2.2. Adaptable

2.2.1. Agile leader that is able to adapt to different circumstances

2.3. Approachable

2.3.1. Friendly personality so followers are not intimidated

2.4. Multi-task

2.4.1. Allows you to accomplish a number of different goals while managing your team

2.5. Collaboration

2.5.1. Engage your followers to contribute to ideas and decision making

3. Abilities

3.1. Inspiring

3.1.1. Ability to positively influence others

3.2. Open-minded

3.2.1. Accepting, considerate and open to suggestions

3.3. Focused

3.3.1. Direct attention towards goals, tasks and responsibilities at hand

3.4. Self-reflection

3.4.1. Reflect on your personal performance in order to facilitate leadership development

3.5. Motivational

3.5.1. Provide and initiate the desire within followers to reach goals

4. Authentic Leadership

4.1. Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership.” — Harvard Business Review, January 2015

4.2. A combination of all of the highlighted traits, skills, and abilities