Savage & Savage - Ch. 9

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Savage & Savage - Ch. 9 by Mind Map: Savage & Savage - Ch. 9

1. Violence in Schools

1.1. Violence Prevention at an early age is important

1.2. Teachers must learn to identify at-risk students

1.3. Zero tolerance and prevention approaches

2. Violence Against Students

2.1. Most common category of violence

2.2. Students who engage in violence often suffer from alienation and stress

2.3. Prevention includes developing a positive climate or caring and respect and increasing student engagement

2.4. School must respond decisively and action should be fair yet firm

2.5. Administrators should be involved in the consequences process

2.6. DEFUSE potentially violent situations

3. Violence Against Teachers

3.1. Use precautions and common sense

3.2. Notify school administrators immediately

3.3. Follow mandated procedures

4. Truancy and Attendance

4.1. Legal definition varies from state to state

4.2. Can be an early warning sign of delinquency, substance abuse, and dropping out

4.3. Causes: family factors, school factors, personal factors.

4.3.1. Broker positive relationships, Help students meet achievement needs, help students feel connected to their peers

4.4. Problem solving could be simple - communicate with the student

5. Academic Dishonesty

5.1. Fear of failure - reduce pressure and make assignments relevant and fair

5.2. Prevalence of technology

5.3. Attack the motivation & prevention

6. Vandalism

6.1. Intentionally damaging or destroying the property of another

6.2. Reduce alienation and increase belonging, foster mutual respect, not overly disciplinarian or authoritarian.

6.3. Develop sense of ownership and community

6.4. Add a personal cost to making up for vandalism

7. Substance Abuse

7.1. Schools alone can not eliminate substance abuse

7.2. Identify causes: peer influences, coping mechanisms, feelings of inadequacy or insignificance