Classroom Management

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Classroom Management by Mind Map: Classroom Management

1. Privileges in the classroom will be suspended

2. May be asked to stay after class and discuss the problem

3. Students Arriving Late

3.1. 3 "Free" Lates

3.2. After third late- 10 minute detention

3.3. Stay after school to make up for missed time in class

3.4. Complete extra assignment after 3 lates

4. Talking out of turn

4.1. Politely ask them to be quiet

4.2. Sent out to hallway after first warning

4.3. Privileges in the classroom taken away

5. Inappropriate Language

5.1. Push-ups or "burpees"

5.2. Sent to office

5.3. Student will write an apology depending on circumstance, name calling for ex.

6. Bullying in the Classroom

6.1. "Zero Tolerance" policy

6.2. If a student is bullying they will be sent to the office immediately

6.3. Depending on circumstance removed from classroom for an extended period of time

7. Students displaying attitude towards Teacher