Classroom Management:

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Classroom Management: by Mind Map: Classroom Management:

1. Punctuality

1.1. Arrives on time:

1.1.1. Use positive reinforcement by thanking the student for their punctuality.

1.2. Arrives Late

1.2.1. Remind student of the importance of being on time. If behaviour is continual use negative punishment by taking away recess or lunch time.

2. Listening

2.1. Student listens well

2.1.1. Congratulate them in front of class for their dedicated listening. Give certain privileges such as "You may come grab the worksheet first."

2.2. Student does not listen

2.2.1. Is the student distracted? If so remove distractions by perhaps moving where they are seated, or taking away distracting objects.

3. Group Work

3.1. Student works well in groups and participates activity

3.1.1. Give individual grade marks to each student in group work (vs the same mark for every group member). Give the students who participated and worked grades that reflect this

3.2. Student does not work well with others, or distracts their other classmates

3.2.1. Remind students of their individual mark and the importance of doing well. If this does not help remove student from group and inform them they must complete their project as an individual now.

4. Technology

4.1. Student uses technology as an asset

4.1.1. Reward them with more opportunities to use technology during classtime

4.2. Student uses technology as a distraction (inappropriate cellphone use, chromebook etc)

4.2.1. Limit time on technology, or monitor more carefully them during technology use.

5. Preparedness

5.1. Student comes prepared to learn to each class

5.1.1. Thank them for their preparedness and make note on report cards/parent notes

5.2. Student is unprepared (no paper, pens, etc)

5.2.1. Wait to start class until they are ready to learn, hopefully this will encourage them to be more prepared next class

6. Politeness

6.1. Student speaks kindly to other students and teacher, always raises hand, etc.

6.1.1. Make special note of kind behaviour on report cards or make special phone calls home to thank student and parents for behaviour.

6.2. Student uses rude language and speaks out of turn

6.2.1. Use negative punishment by taking away recess/lunch time for impolite language, also may have to send notes home if behaviour is persistent

7. Work Completion

7.1. Student has completed homework/assignments on time

7.1.1. Offer a grade assentive for handing in assignments on time, reward them with a percentage increase (etc)

7.2. Student does not complete homework or assignments, or they hand assignments in consistently late

7.2.1. Doc marks for late assignments. Take away from recess/lunch time and invite students to work on their homework during that time.

8. Respect

8.1. Student shows respect for teacher and other studdents

8.1.1. Express gratitude for student as well as give them certain privileges (ie. you may be the class leader today)

8.2. Student shows disrespect for teacher and other students

8.2.1. Speak to the student privately about their behaviour. Encourage student to think of new ways to express themselves that will show more respect. Dismiss the student from class if behaviour persists.

9. Language

9.1. Student uses professional and polite language

9.1.1. Express gratitude for the students language use

9.2. Student uses foul or inapproriate language

9.2.1. Contact parents about language if necessary. Ask the students to use dictionary to research words that they could use to express themselves in a more professional way.

10. Participation

10.1. Student actively participates

10.1.1. Thank student frequently in front of other students for their participation. As well have a portion each students grade be based off of participation, this will continue to encourage this behaviour.

10.2. Student does not participate

10.2.1. Remind student that part of their grade is dependant on them participating in class. As well I would have a variety of different ways to participate to help shy students who fear speaking in class.