IEP Development Process

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IEP Development Process by Mind Map: IEP Development Process

1. Least Restrictive Environment

1.1. Develop an explanation regarding the extant if any the child will NOT participate with non-disabled peers

1.2. Identify whether student will be mainstreamed/regular class, special education class, special school, home, or institution/hospital

2. Annual Goals

2.1. Once needs are identified, IEP team develops annual goals

2.2. *For those students who qualify for alternate assessments, benchmarks and short term goals would be developed

3. Measuring and Reporting Progress

3.1. Identify the methods and assessments that will be used to measure goals

3.2. How will progress towards goal be measured and how often and when.

3.3. How well will the student need to do to achievement of goals

4. Special Ed and Related Services

4.1. Create a statement that identifies the use of special education services, supplementary aides, and other related services that will be provided

4.2. Also amount of time services will be delivered

5. Present Levels of Academic Achievement

5.1. Collect data from tests and observations

5.2. Review teacher comments and observations

5.3. Include parent observations

6. Program Modifications

6.1. Identified the program modifications and accommodations needed.

6.2. Identify accommodations related to environment