Universities, Colleges and sixth forms

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Universities, Colleges and sixth forms by Mind Map: Universities, Colleges and sixth forms

1. Newcastle university

1.1. How to contact:

1.1.1. 0191 208 6000

2. Northumbria University

3. Newcastle college

3.1. Free courses for 16-18 year olds

3.2. Vocational courses (study full-time on a particular subject area and they are a career focused option)

3.2.1. First diplomas and extended diplomas

3.2.2. BTECs

3.2.3. National vocational qualifications

3.3. Apprenticeships

3.3.1. 16 years old and over

3.3.2. Business and retail

3.3.3. Hospitality, fitness and beauty

3.3.4. Public services

3.4. Financial support for 16-18 year olds

3.4.1. Living in a household with an income of less than £28.000 Free travel pass Live two miles or more away from campus Can be up to £1500 Free stationary pack Free meal entitlement £3.50 Free equipment and trips

3.5. How to contact:

3.5.1. 0191 200 4000

4. Newcastle sixth form college

5. Kenton School sixth form