Chest with Quaranic Inscrisptions (grobog)

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Chest with Quaranic Inscrisptions (grobog) by Mind Map: Chest with Quaranic Inscrisptions (grobog)

1. Relevant Facts

1.1. 19th Century Teakwood

1.2. Also called Grobog

1.3. Elaboratly carved chest is unknown

1.4. Surat al-imran (The family of imran) owned it

1.5. Northeasten Java, Jepara or Kudus

1.6. Inside unknown

1.7. In general, they are plain

1.8. Muhammad carved in mirrored form

2. Inferences

2.1. Must have something reliauos

2.1.1. There is a pattern with Muhammad carved in mirrored form. There must be a reseon why they put in a pattern of Muhammad

2.2. More religous

2.2.1. Pattern with Muhammad is carved in mirrored form Most is plain or design in front panel only

2.3. The chest must have been heavy

2.3.1. It is made out of wood and M

3. Civilization Inferences

3.1. The people who made is probably Muslim

3.2. They are really religous

3.3. Very skilled

3.4. They are willing to do things for their god