Foundation Stone with inscription

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Foundation Stone with inscription by Mind Map: Foundation Stone with inscription

1. Relevant Facts

1.1. Made out of marble

1.2. Carved in elegant Thuluth script

1.3. The inscription is about spirits

1.4. Made in India in 1373

2. Inferences

2.1. It is made for a religious reasons

2.1.1. The Truluth script is a islamic calligraphy Islam people are usually very religious

2.2. The stone might be part of a bible

2.2.1. The writing is something about spirits Spirits were usually mentioned in a bible

2.3. It might be for a royal member or a rich person.

2.3.1. It is made out of marble and it is gigantic Marble are really rare during the time and it worth a lot for a gigantic piece and probably only rich or royal members can afford it.

3. Civilization Inferences

3.1. The civilization is very religious

3.2. They are very skilled in calligraphy writing

3.3. They were very rich