Business tourism

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Business tourism by Mind Map: Business tourism

1. Primary and secondary activities

1.1. Primary: includes consultations,cittends meetings, business related

1.2. Secondary : includes such activities, to doing out, to make shopping, related to touurism

2. Parts of business

2.1. Traditional business, travelling or meetings

2.2. Incentive trips

2.3. conference and exhibilion travelling

3. Historically bussines tourism

3.1. To spent money

3.2. To slay package of abroad business

4. Business and travel serivces providede by travel agencies

4.1. Provide the corporate client with the full package of business

4.2. Includes dozents of meetings, visit to enterprises

5. MICE as a separate branch of business tourism

5.1. MICE development in Russia

5.2. The demand structure of MICE

6. World Tourism organisation

6.1. state for 1 year

6.1.1. Business

6.1.2. other puroses

6.1.3. Leisure

6.2. defines tourists

7. Signifiance of business trip

7.1. to make a contract

7.2. to do consultancy

7.3. to make payment

7.4. to make shipment

7.5. to focuss different terms

7.6. to have tests

8. Krylov Denis EBS175

9. Incentive trips

9.1. To faciliate teamwork

9.2. To stimulate work motivation