Classroom Management

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Classroom Management by Mind Map: Classroom Management

1. Students arriving late

1.1. Give another assignment to complete on their own time.

1.2. Stay after school or at lunch for as long as they were late ( late 10 minutes, cuts into 10 minutes of lunch)

1.3. Ask them what caused them to be late

1.4. Child gets 3 free lates and then there will be a 10 minute detention

2. Students talking out of turn

2.1. Create some sort of "talking stick" rule

2.2. An incentive that if they listen while teacher is talking then there will be a reward

2.3. If keep interrupting ask them to move seats away from the person in which they are talking to.

3. If students give you attitude

3.1. Politely ask them to not speak to you in that way

3.2. Try to ignore and not make a scene giving them the reaction they desire.

3.3. If this behaviour isn't coming to a stop then politely speak to them outside of class.

4. Bullying or non Inclusiveness in classroom

4.1. Absolute Zero Tolerance for mis treatment of others

4.2. When noticed ask to speak to them outside of class time and get to the route of the problem

4.3. Make sure the victim knows they aren't alone and that something is being done about it.

4.4. Put motions in place so that they are separated but also working towards being able to work together

4.5. If still continues send them to the office and ask them to help create a solution.

4.6. If nothing seems to work ask if the student can do their work in an alternate environment where they are not hurting others

5. Inappropriate or derogatory language

5.1. Ask nicely first to stop speaking like that

5.2. If the language continues then create a swear jar type situation where overtime you catch the foul language they need to give something to the class.

5.3. If matters don't sort themselves out then maybe take them aside and tell them it is unacceptable and if it continues they will be sent to speak with the office staff.