The Science Behind Our Food: Who is Cargill?

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The Science Behind Our Food: Who is Cargill? by Mind Map: The Science Behind Our Food: Who is Cargill?

1. What types of food do they supply?

1.1. Chocolate

1.1.1. Flour Eggs Sweetners

1.2. Oils

1.2.1. Shortening Cocoa Malt

2. What type of agriculture do they provide?

2.1. Cotton

2.1.1. Grain Oil Seeds Farm Servies

2.2. Animal Feeds

2.2.1. Palm Oil

3. It was a single grain storage facility that grew into one of the largest privately owned businesses in the world.

3.1. 150,000 employees

4. A global company that focuses on production, nutrition and feeding the world safely and responsibly.

4.1. In 70 countries

5. Who is working behind the scenes to make sure that protein products that nourish us are raised responsibly, packaged safely, and sustainable?

5.1. Food scientists

5.1.1. Check samples

5.1.2. Respond to customer feedback

6. What advances has there been in farming technology that helps farmers to be successful?

6.1. Through Social media and text messages, they can inform their customers across the world of weather scares, droughts and logistics.

6.1.1. Makes connecting with customers easier!

7. Who do they serve?

7.1. Food companies

7.2. Beverage comapanies

7.3. Large & small famers

7.4. Energy providers

7.5. Consumers

7.6. Seafood producers

8. How does Cargil reach their consumers and promote their produts?

8.1. Financial incentives

8.2. Coupons

8.3. Signs in stores

8.4. Socail Media

8.5. Sampling in stores