Increased options for Students

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Increased options for Students by Mind Map: Increased options for Students

1. De-streaming Geography

1.1. Shifted from teacher directed to student directed

1.2. Time

1.2.1. Teacher buy-in

1.2.2. better conditions for learning Better student well-being

2. Better Equity, Well-being and Achievement

3. Changing student mindset about learning

4. Enhanced Pathway - English

4.1. Time

4.1.1. Better student well-being

4.1.2. Better conditions for learning

4.1.3. Teacher buy-in

4.2. Teacher mindset

5. De-streaming Science

5.1. Teacher mindset

5.2. Time

5.2.1. Teacher buy-in

5.2.2. better conditions for learning Shift from teacher directed to students directed better student well-being

6. De-streaming Math

6.1. Assessment

6.2. Work completion has improved

6.3. Greater success in Math

6.3.1. Greater learning community

6.4. Attendance is better

6.4.1. better well-being

6.5. Greater advocacy

6.6. better well-being

6.7. Better conditions for learning

7. If we increase well-being & equity for all students and staff, we will have greater achievement

8. Process VS Product

9. Process Over Product