Citizenship Orientations

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Citizenship Orientations by Mind Map: Citizenship Orientations

1. Frederic

1.1. Cultural Transformation

1.1.1. defending linguistic rights in NB

1.1.2. social criticism, turn to social change

2. Amy

2.1. Cultural Transformation

2.1.1. commitment to communities

2.1.2. making a difference in your community

2.1.3. thoughtful commitment to principles of democracy

3. Audrey

3.1. Personal Development

3.1.1. helping others in need

3.1.2. participating in other cultures, to learn and appreciate

3.2. Cultural Transformation

3.2.1. helping others-making a difference in their lives

3.2.2. get involved in the community, lend a helping hand to those in need

3.3. Respect for Diversity

3.3.1. beliefs are important to people in different ways

3.3.2. respect the beliefs of all cultures

4. Alicia

4.1. Global Citizenship

4.1.1. understand Canada's role in the world

4.2. Personal Development

4.2.1. identifying self as Canadian

4.3. Cultural Transformation

4.3.1. social criticism

4.3.2. standing up for human rights

4.3.3. take responsibility for giving voice to diverse groups of people