Sumerian Records

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Sumerian Records by Mind Map: Sumerian Records

1. Accounting

1.1. Tour accountants create budgets for tours, verifying expenses, and ensuring of collection of all income while on the road.

1.2. Review royalty statements, help with applications for financing, analyze contracts, and review business plans

1.3. Help musicians and individuals of the company with important tax returns

1.4. Recommends financial actions by analyzing accounting options.

1.5. In charge of issuing royalties earned to artists/bands, as well as documenting financial transactions by entering account information

2. Legal

2.1. Responsible for making statements to press surrounding legal matters on behalf of the artist.

2.2. Represents the artist for legal issues that directly affect the band or the brand of the band.

2.3. Responsible for all contracts that are made between the company and the artist, as well as the label and other companies.

2.4. In charge of issuing cease and desist notices and any other copyright related matters.

2.5. Responsible for arranging any and all negotiations with the artists manager/lawyer, or any other legal issues.

3. Marketing

3.1. Overall responsble for the marketing plan of every record the label releases.

3.2. Involved in coordinating all the promotion, publicity, and sales campaigns that the label is committed to

3.3. Purchase ad space on social media and online for all artists associated with the label.

3.4. Come up with memorabilia for merchandise that bands can sell while on tour.

3.5. Arranging press conferences and statements regarding artist announcements, breaking news, etc.

4. Management

4.1. Responsible for scouting and signing artists to the label.

4.2. Working with artists directly to develop the proper plan to get them on the right path to success for their career.

4.3. Working as a communicator to the rest of the label on behalf of the band and vice versa

4.4. Responsible for setting up accounts with distrubutors/retail in which records and merchandise can be sold through.

4.5. Work with booking agents and promoters to organize tours for the artist, as well as handling any press, flyers, radio ads, etc.

5. Human Resources

5.1. Create, manage, lead and evaluate training programs for physical office location workers.

5.2. Reponsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers

5.2.1. Handle payroll, employee relations, and beneficial packages for employees such as 401K and Medical and Dental

5.3. Serves as a link between an organizations management and its employees

5.4. Preparing or updating employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting, and terminating