Cohort 3 group 3: our challenge is time and time management.

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Cohort 3 group 3: our challenge is time and time management. by Mind Map: Cohort 3 group 3: our challenge is time and time management.

1. how to accomplish this

1.1. list the names of your group members in the idea bubble set for that

1.2. list your problem in the center keeping your cohort and group #

1.3. list the problems caused by that problem in the additional idea bubbles

1.4. listen lots to your group members and chart down all your ideas

1.5. write your group problem statement

2. Balancing work life and personal life... both as a student and as a teacher.

2.1. extra curricular

2.1.1. Both as a student and teacher.

2.2. How much do we share?

3. Our Problem Statement Our problem is the we can't meet all of the expectations that we are faced with in the classroom. How do we balancing our professionalism and personal lives while the expectations that we have with respect to classroom management and expectations keep mounting? The hardest part about the problem is we have difficulties handling the stresses and this doesn't make things easier in the classroom. And the people, place or thing that is affected by this problem are the students and their families, teachers, administration, and the overall well being of everyone involved.

4. Group members: 1 Brittney Stranges 2 Theresa Benson 3 Todd Sniezek 4 Adam Frerotte 5 Ed Desanti

5. Stress

5.1. Poor Work Performance

5.2. Missing work, time, days

5.2.1. Means you're, essentially taking more time away

5.3. Mental Health

5.3.1. Increased anxiety

5.4. Healthy personal relationships

5.4.1. Family

5.4.2. Friends

6. Balancing curriculum expectations and skill development while managing distractions.

6.1. expectations from administration

6.2. expectations of parents

6.3. learning the abilities of your students

6.3.1. changing constantly