Austin Magee

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Austin Magee by Mind Map: Austin Magee

1. Now

1.1. make honour role

1.2. get a raise in my job

1.3. get assistant captain in hockey

1.4. get a 85 or above in hockey

1.5. decide what im gonna do later in life

2. 3 Years

2.1. be playing hockey at a higher level

2.2. graduated highschool

2.3. be going to either college or university

2.4. have my own car

2.5. have my own dallamation

3. 7 Years

3.1. moved out of my house

3.2. have all my student debts paid off

3.3. get a job doing what i love

3.4. getting daily exercise once a day

3.5. be able to work outside of Ontario

4. 10-15 Years

4.1. have my own house

4.2. moved back into Ontario

4.3. have started a family

4.4. have made it higher into rankings in my job

4.5. make $120,000+ a year