2F00 Inquiry w/ Ian, Mike & Casey Play /= study?

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2F00 Inquiry w/ Ian, Mike & Casey Play /= study? by Mind Map: 2F00 Inquiry w/ Ian, Mike & Casey    Play /= study?

1. Is there any educational value from playing a game?

1.1. Gym class makes you play group sports

1.2. Can learn controls and rules and such in games.

1.2.1. Games come with instruction manuals, instructions involve reading and learning.

1.2.2. Chess. You have to play chess to learn it, have to learn it to play it.

1.3. Tír na nÓg from Infinite Undiscovery, Norse stuff in Too Human. Irish or Norse mythology references in games can lead people to look them up and learn more about them outside of the game.

2. What does it mean to play or to study?

2.1. Play - exercise or activity for amusement or recreation.

2.2. Study - application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge

2.3. Enjoyment is a necessary part of play, not required for study.

2.3.1. Study is, to an extent, necessary for play.

2.3.2. Amusement sticking point in difference between study and play.

2.3.3. Play and study are the same except that in play amusement is mandatory

3. Why can’t study have elements on play, when people seem to learn better from play?

3.1. Generally speaking, people do not attend university to play a subject, they attend to study it

3.2. One could argue that if you enjoy what you’re studying you’re playing.

4. Why can’t all learning be enjoyable?

5. Advanced knowledge can’t be acquired by play?

6. Cultural stigma around study and play?

6.1. Study – library, boring stuffy, students.

6.2. Play – playgrounds, tag, children, free time only.