Wolfish Conservation

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Wolfish Conservation by Mind Map: Wolfish Conservation

1. Fishermen see the Wolfish as a nuisance.

2. However, some recognize that Wolfish should still be saved because they have a role in the ecosystem.

3. Releasing Wolfish in the place they were caught can mean the difference of tens and even thousands of Wolfish.

4. Earth has entered its 6th mass extinction.

5. Northern and Stripped Wolfish are threatened species.

5.1. Wolfish's major threat is humans catching them in nets.

6. Wolfish protect kelp beds by feeding on sea urchins.

6.1. Without Wolfish sea urchins would cause urchin barrens which is land dominated by urchins and algae.

6.2. This benefits species like cod, and lobsters.

7. Sea urchins are herbivores that can cause deforestation to kelp beds.

7.1. Kelp beds are one of the most diverse and productive ecosystems

7.1.1. provides shelter, food and nursery habitats for many species.

8. According to the Endangered Species Act Spotted Wolfish are considered a special concern.

9. Dwindling Biodiveristy

10. Population Growth

10.1. According to CBC news article, the middle class population is growing which is causing in a higher carbon footprint.

10.1.1. By stabilizing population growth, fishermen would fish less to reach their quota. This means that Wolfish have a better chance of surviving because there is a less chance of them getting caught in nets.

11. Endangered Species

12. Carbon Footprint

12.1. Researchers are looking into whether pollution, offshore oil and gas expeditions, and ocean dumping also threaten Wolfish's existence.

12.2. Carbon emission has increased by 62 percent

13. Unstable marine fisheries