Christopher Smith's Life Design

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Christopher Smith's Life Design by Mind Map: Christopher Smith's Life Design

1. Within 3 years

1.1. Have a small business security or investigation company.

1.2. Have a long term career that is both financially lucrative and meaningful to society.

1.3. Start saving $100 a month

2. Physical

2.1. Within a month

2.1.1. Eating less junk food

2.1.2. Take daily walks

2.1.3. Lift weights daily

2.1.4. Have a better sleep schedule

2.2. Within a year

2.2.1. Run a 4k

2.2.2. Lose 50 pounds through dedicated dieting and exercise.

2.2.3. Being able to easily pass a law enforcement fitness test

2.3. Within 3 years

2.3.1. Work until I have abs like Chris Hemsworth

2.3.2. Clean eating and daily exercise that is now a part of my daily life and considered the norm.

3. Social

3.1. Within a month

3.1.1. Return text messages and not being stand offish

3.1.2. Going out to watch my football team play instead of staying in.

3.1.3. Join a recreational basketball league.

3.2. Within a year

3.2.1. Get to know some of my extended family better. My father's side of the family especially.

3.2.2. Start going to church.

3.2.3. Work on anxiety coping mechanisms so I won't want to be introverted.

3.3. Within 3 years

3.3.1. Start a film club.

3.3.2. Have 1000 twitter followers

3.3.3. Branching out into new hobbies to expand my friend circle.

4. Intellectual

4.1. Within a month

4.1.1. Set aside a little time each day for recreational reading.

4.1.2. Find more interesting educational podcasts to listen to.

4.1.3. Take time to slow down and process information and news. Reflect on it and find my true feelings on it.

4.2. Within a year

4.2.1. Finally start writing that book I have always wanted to.

4.2.2. Take free online courses for subjects that interest me like paleontology.

4.2.3. Learn a practical trade like carpentry

4.3. Within 3 years

4.3.1. Have a deeper understanding of life itself.

4.3.2. Find ways to pass on any knowledge I have to others

4.4. Have a through understanding of the corrections system

5. Occupational

5.1. Within a month

5.1.1. Create a solid and updated CV

5.1.2. Pass CHS100 and CRJ302 so I can graduate with a bachelors degree in criminal justice.

5.1.3. Schedule an appointment with ASU career services.

5.2. Within a year

5.2.1. Have a decent job that is utilizing my degree

5.2.2. Start paying off my student loans.

5.2.3. Increase my gun marksmanship scores