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Potlatch by Mind Map: Potlatch

1. Preparing

1.1. It Could take years to prepare

1.2. Especially if high status guests such as chiefs are invited.

1.3. Gifts would be specially prepared for each guest.

1.4. When a host decided that they wanted to have a potlatch they would call on famliy members for help and advice.

2. Guests

2.1. Guest accepted gifts as a way to acknowledge the proper proceedings.

2.2. Each guest was invited in person

3. Gifts

3.1. Each guest was given a gift

3.2. Giving away gifts was a way for people to obtain life ensurance

3.3. A host could be sure that he/she would receive a gift at another potlatch.

4. Feast

4.1. Generally a lot of food was prepared

4.2. There are special dishes for different types of food.

4.3. Feasting could last for several days

5. Proceedings/Purpose

5.1. Potlatches were held to honor a birth, marriage, or death, among other things.

5.2. During a potlatch there would be speeches, dancing and ceremonies.

5.3. Potlatches provided people with a chance to socialize, see friends from different groups, and share knowledge.