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bullying by Mind Map: bullying

1. global perspectives

1.1. health and mental problems.

2. national perspectives

2.1. has the rate of bullying in school reduced or increase in india compared to the past.

3. personal perspectives

3.1. how has it affected me personally or what have i learnt from my personal life.

4. current issues

4.1. new trends of bullying

5. causes and consequences

5.1. week

5.2. innocent

5.3. leads to mental problems and suicide attemps.

5.4. shy

6. course of actions and sollutions

6.1. take strict anti-bullying measures in school

6.2. strict rules should be made

6.3. bullies should be aware of the problems of the others

6.4. should become a global awarness

7. facts, opinions, predictions and value judgemants

7.1. many people fall a prey to bullying

7.2. affected physically and mentally

7.3. happens in social networking sites and outdoors

7.4. should be taken as a serious problem and spread awarness worldwide

7.5. in the future we should expect a world without bulliews.