Tap Tap December Plan 12.2017

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Tap Tap December Plan 12.2017 by Mind Map: Tap Tap December Plan 12.2017

1. Current Issue

1.1. User acquisition

1.1.1. Not enough daily volume Paid install Slow material preparation Volume of Ad networks Budget control Organic Install Organic on iOS is decreasing

1.1.2. Overbudget Budget control Don't tracking daily

1.2. Social Plan

1.2.1. Delay Facebook Event Campaign to get video failed Complicated event

1.2.2. Installs via fanpage don't increase Increasing daily posts does not affect no. of installs

2. TYa

2.1. Nghiên cứu segment user

2.1.1. LTV > eCPI

3. TYi

3.1. Objective

3.1.1. Increase store CVR 7%

3.2. Execution

3.2.1. Update Store kits Icon Screenshots Trailer

3.2.2. ASO Update Key Word frame App subtitle

4. Social Plan

4.1. Direction

4.1.1. Scale down the number of daily posts to 2-3 posts/week

4.1.2. Focus on video content

4.1.3. More direct content on TY (game annoucnement, user video, etc)

4.1.4. Fanpage event Recruit new users Livestream event Retain current users Best performance challenge