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Lesson Plan by Mind Map: Lesson Plan

1. Homework Assignments

1.1. Partners: Create Powtoons presentation with a summary of the first two chapters of "Junie B Jones Is Not a Crook"

1.2. Individually: Make a Storybird book cover for "Junie B Jones Is Not a Crook"

1.3. Post Powtoons presentations and book cover on the Edmodo class page

2. Day 2

2.1. Class: Watch video explaining Powtoons

2.2. Class: Watch Powtoons showing how to create a Storybird book cover

2.3. Class: Look at class Edmodo page, where homework assignments will be posted

2.4. Partners: Reread chapters and summarize what is understood

3. Day 1

3.1. Receive chapters of "Junie B Jones Is Not a Crook" and highlighters

3.2. In Groups: Read chapters and highlight words that stand out

3.3. Individually: Create WordCloud with highlighted words

4. Day 3

4.1. Present Powtoons summary and Storybird book cover to class in partners

4.1.1. Each student must explain their book cover and ideas