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epithelium by Mind Map: epithelium

1. covering epithelium

1.1. simple epithelium

1.1.1. simple squamous epi. (CVS+ lung alveoli).

1.1.2. simple cubical epi.(kidney tubules+thyroid follicle).

1.1.3. simple columnar epi. simple columnar non-modified(large duct of salivary gland) simple columnar modified epi. simple columnar secretory (stomach) simple columnar absorptive (intestines) simple columnar ciliated (uterus+fallopian tube)

1.1.4. pseudostratified columnar epi. pseudostratified columnar non-ciliated(large duct of salivary gland) pseudostratified columnar ciliated(upper RT up to bronchi) pseudostratified columnar with stereocilia(epididymis)

1.2. stratified epithelium

1.2.1. stratified squamous epi. stratified squamous non-keratinized(mouthe cavity+esophagus+anal canal+vagina+urethra+ext. auditory canal) stratified squamous keratinized (epidermis)

1.2.2. stratified cuboidal epi.(duct of sweat gland).

1.2.3. transitional epi.(urinary B.+ureter).

1.2.4. stratified columnar epi.(penile of M urethra).

2. glandular epithelium

2.1. exocrine gland

2.1.1. according to the branching simple glands simple branched gland compound gland

2.1.2. according to the shpe tubular glans alveolar glands tubuluareolar gland

2.1.3. according to Both tubular gland simple tubular gland (stomach) simple branched tubular glands(intestines) compound tubular glands(liver) areolar gland simple areolar glands(sebaceous gland) simple branched areolar gland(sebaceous glands) compound areolar gland(mammary gland) tubuloareolar gland simple tubuloareolar gland simple branched tubuloareolar glands(minor salivary glands) compound tubuloareolar gland(major salivary glands)

2.1.4. according to the type of secretion mucus gland(minor salivar gland) serous gland (parotid gland) mucoserous gland(submandibular+sunlingual glands)

2.1.5. according to the mode of secetion merocrine glands (salivary glands) apocrine glands(mammary gland) holocrine glands(sebaceous gland)

2.2. endocrine gland

2.3. mixed gland

3. neuroepithelium(taste buds+olfacrory epiyhelium)