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1. 1. amend verb BrE /əˈmend/

1.1. rectify, remediate, remedy, repair

1.2. to change a law, document, statement, etc. slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it

1.3. He asked to see the amended version.

2. 2. apparent adjective BrE /əˈpærənt/

2.1. obvious

2.2. easy to see or understand

2.3. Their devotion was apparent.

3. 3. assign verb BrE /əˈsaɪn/

3.1. set apart, specify Types: dedicate

3.2. to give somebody something that they can use, or some work or responsibility

3.3. The two large classrooms have been assigned to us.

4. 4. eliminate verb BrE /ɪˈlɪmɪneɪt/

4.1. do away with, extinguish, get rid of

4.2. to remove or get rid of something/somebody

4.3. Credit cards eliminate the need to carry a lot of cash.

5. 5. emphasis noun BrE /ˈemfəsɪs/

5.1. stress

5.2. special importance that is given to something

5.3. The emphasis is very much on learning the spoken language.

6. 6. ethic noun BrE /ˈeθɪk/

6.1. Moral

6.2. moral principles that control or influence a person’s behaviour

6.3. He began to question the ethics of his position.

7. 7. grant verb BrE /ɡrɑːnt/

7.1. allow

7.2. to agree to give somebody what they ask for, especially formal or legal permission to do something

7.3. She was granted a divorce.

8. 8. ignorance noun BrE /ˈɪɡnərəns/

8.1. .being uninformed

8.2. ignorance (of/about something) a lack of knowledge or information about something widespread ignorance of/about the disease

8.3. hey fought a long battle against prejudice and ignorance.

9. 9. insert verb BrE /ɪnˈsɜːt/

9.1. enclose, inclose, introduce, put in, stick in

9.2. to put something into something else or between two things

9.3. Insert coins into the slot and press for a ticket.

10. 10. levy noun BrE /ˈlevi/

10.1. impose

10.2. an extra amount of money that has to be paid, especially as a tax to the government

10.3. e trade-union political levy

11. 11. perceive verb BrE /pəˈsiːv/

11.1. comprehend

11.2. to notice or become aware of something

11.3. I perceived a change in his behaviour.

12. 13. submit verb BrE /səbˈmɪt/

12.1. accede, bow, defer, give in

12.2. to give a document, proposal, etc. to somebody in authority so that they can study or consider it

12.3. Completed projects must be submitted by 10 March.

13. 12. purchase noun BrE /ˈpɜːtʃəs/

13.1. buy

13.2. the act or process of buying something

13.3. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

14. 14/ successor noun BrE /səkˈsesə(r)/

14.1. replacement

14.2. a person or thing that comes after somebody/something else and takes their/its place

14.3. Who's the likely successor to him as party leader?