Pharmacy Terminology

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Pharmacy Terminology by Mind Map: Pharmacy Terminology

1. Pharmacy orientation

1.1. to be familiar with all pharmacy's profession and education.

2. Therapy

2.1. treatment of disease.

3. Pharmacotherapeutics

3.1. application of drugs for treatment of disease.

4. Drug

4.1. a material that has a pharmacological effect.

5. Medicine

5.1. a drug after it's labeled, packed and dispensed.

6. Dosage forms

6.1. the gross form in which the drug is administered.

7. Drug product

8. Excipient

8.1. an inactive substance that serves as a medium for the drug or other active substances.

9. Active ingredient

9.1. the ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs that is biologically active.

10. Inactive ingredient

10.1. components that don't have a therapeutic effect.

11. Strength

11.1. concentration of a drug in its dosage form.

12. Dose

12.1. quantity of a drug or a medicine recommended to be taken.

13. Qulaity

13.1. internal characteristics of the product which satisfies the consumers.

14. Quality control

15. Dose regimen

15.1. modality of drug administration that is chosen to reach the therapeutic objective.

16. Pharmacopoeia

16.1. an official publication containing a list of medicinal drugs with their effects and directions for their use.