Attractive Character map THE Primal LEADER

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Attractive Character map THE Primal LEADER by Mind Map: Attractive Character map THE  Primal LEADER

1. The Leader 1.0

1.1. Backstory

1.1.1. What is the ORIGIN story of the character? Mispent youth Terrible at _______ big failing transitional moment. What Happened. what was the turning point. what broke. Where they are heading NOW because of the Transition moment

1.2. Parables

1.2.1. A story with a Lesson in it or a moral Lessons: Here is a good framework to use Framework Long Text

1.3. Character flaws

1.3.1. What do you suck at

1.3.2. where do you "fail in the eyes of society"

1.3.3. examples: Rude lazy pushy greedy selfish angry indifferent sloppy

1.4. Polarity

1.4.1. Pick a point and use hyperbole to exaggerate it to prove a point. The goal is to NOT have people be indifferent the goal is LOVE or HATE Slightly non mainstream. a little contraversial offbeat Mad at the "enemy" overly optimistic

2. The Leader 2.0

2.1. as the leader grows, and has surpassed the initial problems, its becomes harder sometimes for him to continue the message to various groups. So the leader may need to EVOLVE.

2.1.1. Has a new level of understanding

2.1.2. Has New Skills

2.1.3. Has New Goals

2.1.4. Has New network and resources (employees, or money or software etc.

2.1.5. now it seem EASY for him Go to the next level, and leave people behind. At this point the Leader needs to CLONE himself. Using an ACOLYTE. Where he nominates other people as "mentors" and GUIDES. Create a new Tier of members nominate them from the most sucessfull of his raving fans Acknowledge them and Bestow the power to them (passing of the torch) help them develop the back story, and atrractive character, with your mythology mixed in. Have them espouse the vocabulary , the vision, the enemy and the mythology (all the primal groups traits) Let them soar as long as they fly within the circle of your business. you become secondary as you step up to the next level where you teach the new MENTORS.

3. The Leader 3.0

3.1. When the membership has grown to such a size that you need evlovle again.

3.1.1. the leader has formed a New group made up of only MENTORS, and given them a NEW leader. with this, the leader moves to a more remote, and "unreachable" distance from the beginers, and the acolytes. This is where an exit story is good. "transcending" the mentor level to a new level. and going to live "life"

4. Characteristics

4.1. 1.Backstory 2.Parables 3.Character Flaws 4.Polarity A different 4 things form the identity of your character 1.The Leader 2.The Adventurer / Crusader 3.The Reporter / Evangelist 4.The Reluctant Hero

4.1.1. Leader offer expertise and experience

4.1.2. adventure/crusader? tackling the overwhelm, the big move, the next adventure, the next fun on.

4.1.3. Reporter lots of information, reports, knows the trends

4.1.4. Reluctant hero compassionate, with your problems.

5. Identity

5.1. Archytypes

5.1.1. the reporter / Evangelist The Reporter is New at something, telling everyone who will listen about the new journey The Evangelist is after leader, They want to SHOW YOU THE WAY THEY KNOW

5.1.2. the crusader/adventure THe crusader has an axe to grind (the enemy) and wants to see it fixed The adventure sees new opportunities in the area and wants to explore what ELSE might be possible

5.1.3. The Reluctant Hero didn't want to go, didn't want to participate but now sees no other choice but change the system UNITE!

5.1.4. The Leader Leads people in the direction the leader knows works. inspires confidence and direction and loyalty

5.1.5. The Cycle goes round and round Leader / The Adventurer / Crusader / The Reporter / Evangelist / The Reluctant Hero no matter which one you identify with, you will slip into one of these roles at some point or another in your journey to success. When you start your path towards expert status you start reporting – you document and share everything to show you know your stuff. Over time you evolve into a leader. You do more leading than reporting and you’re growing into an evangelist. Something changes in your industry and bam! You’re a crusader or an adventurer and a year later you’re back leading. Think for a moment about your dream clients. Where are they on their journey? What character is the most appealing at this stage? Are they looking to be led, or are they looking evidence (reporter) to make a buying decision? You can have multiple characters. One of them will rise to the top, and that’s the one you’ll use most often. For me, it’s blogging evangelist. When someone starts their blogging journey with me, they encounter the blogging evangeliser. It’s their vehicle to change the world. As we grow together, they start to see the reporter, the crusader and the leader. But it was the evangeliser that brought them to me in the first instance.

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